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Portsmouth Skip Hire 023 8007 0210

Advantage Group Budget Skip Hire Service in Portsmouth Open 8am-7pm*

Order Online - Save 5%

Order Online - Save 5%

Waste disposal is just one of those jobs we would all choose to stay clear of. Unfortunately, it should be accomplished for a healthy and clean surroundings. Portsmouth Skip Hire can make removing residential, industrial and commercial waste a lot easier. With our wide variety of skips, transported to your door, you will have the best solution for Skip Hire in Portsmouth.

Skip hire in Portsmouth can be a fairly simple process, as long as you opt to inquire with a good company. With offerings like instant quotes you are usually able to arrange to skip hire within the next working day or the same day depending on the type of skip, you should determine how long you are going to need it and what type of skip is appropriate to you. There are many types of skip as well as service to suit you especially if you are unable to find space for the skip on your property, which is where something like a “wait & load” service comes in handy as you fill the skip as skip lorry waits, removing the need for any permits & dedicated space for the skip.

There are a few considerations you should make when deciding on what size skip to hire. You should always consider the reasons why you need the skip as well as the location of where your skip is going to be. Most people don’t think about where the skip is going to go and are shocked when they are hit with on-road permits as they weren’t expecting additional charges. Realise how you are going to use your skip and where you can viably keep it.

1. Think about the size – You should ask yourself, how much waste do you need to get rid of? As a general rule of thumb, it’s always good to overestimate the size of the skip as it will never hurt to have more space to throw your rubbish out. This being said, you should be aware of the location you are storing your skip since space restrictions come into place when you think about having bigger skips on your property. Of course, public highway permits are always an option so don’t let that put you off. Keep in mind that overloading skips is illegal so always be aware of how you are throwing your waste away.

2. Think about the location. If you are living in the middle of a city in a flat without a driveway then you might have to re-consider your space since you won’t be able to place your skip on private property. If your skip is on a public highway then you will have to obtain an on-road permit from the local authorities/council. This can be arranged by Portsmouth Skip Hire, taking a cumbersome and boring job out of your hands.

3. Understand what you can throw away. Most customers needing skip hire understand what they are allowed to discard whereas some may not know due to a lack of general knowledge. As a rule of thumb, any hazardous waste needs to be disposed of with other methods as you should only put non-hazardous waste in a skip. You also can’t put fridges, freezers, tires, TV’s, batteries or anything else that may cause a hazard. If you have any doubts or questions then you should always a contact your local council or the team at Portsmouth Skip Hire so that they can advise you on the best way to dispose of your waste.

Skips are very useful when clearing out any building or house. They are also widely used within the construction industry. They are ideal for holding waste products, construction waste, rubble and so on. They are also widely used when renovating a building and to dispose of old out of date furniture and internal fittings. Once a skip is filled, it will then be taken away on a truck which usually has a crane attached and from then on to a recycling or landfill plant.

Portsmouth Skip Hire covers many areas within Hampshire and surrounding places. Whether you need skip hire in Portsmouth for commercial and domestic skip hire service is your only option when it comes to reliable & affordable skip hire in Portsmouth. We make sure our clients are our number one priority and we consider ourselves the best skip provider in Portsmouth. For quick and easy Skip Hire call on 023 8007 0210 and speak to one of our operators today.

Just about every customer is going to have different needs when it comes to waste disposal and skip hire, as there are a million different needs for a skip. Perhaps you’re clearing out the garden, redecorating a room or even renovating your entire house. Regardless of why you need a skip, Portsmouth Skip Hire has the perfect skip choice for you. We go through the variety of skip sizes we have available to you to meet your needs. Our sizes include;

2-yard skip is a perfect choice if you are carrying out some small-scale domestic work and need a smaller skip to contain the waste. Our customers are usually asking for 2-yard skips during the autumn when they need to have a garden clear out. This is also great for some domestic moves if you need to dispose of unwanted items in a skip.

4-yard skip offering is the perfect skip for commercial and domestic use. A 4-yard skip can be sufficient for most tasks whether it be a small scale renovation like a bathroom or just a general home clearance. Our 4-yard skips are most popular for those looking to redo their homes and need a skip to throw away the waste. The 4-yard skip can also take more than its smaller counterparts but can easily fit in most driveways, negating the need for a public highway permit.

6-yard skip is a medium size skip for domestic and commercial use.

8-yard skip – often referred to as the builders skip is very popular for trade customers needing a skip to rid their construction sites of waste. Many people are able to fully clear the waste in their homes with an 8-yard skip, as this is sufficient for most household clearances. This is also great for very large garden projects that might require something bigger than a domestic scale skip.

12-yard skip, known as the Maxi skip is perfect for large items as well as general waste. This is the perfect solution for commercial customers who need somewhere to hold the waste their business makes. We are able to arrange an on-road permit as the size of this skip is usually too big to host on private property.

Why Would You Use Portsmouth Skip Hire for skip hire in Portsmouth area

1.Direct connection to the business

This helps you to save the excess expense and lousy service. You also get to pick the brains of industry experts within the skip industry and obtain some tips on specifically what the best skip is for your needs. As soon as the client telephone calls, our customer support representatives find out precisely what is getting thrown away and why they need a skip. This will assist us to decide on the most suitable skip for them and as well give a service that should efficiently and effectively fit them.

2. Quick delivery

For those who telephone before noon, we guarantee to deliver a skip to you the same working day. In the event you call up late in the afternoon, the skip will be brought to you early the next morning. At Portsmouth Skip Hire, we are mindful never to keep customers waiting for long simply because waste disposal is often a vital issue. We are readily available six days a week to ensure your business will not put up with any pointless downtime.

3. Recycling

Portsmouth Skip Hire knows that not every waste products have to go to the landfill; some things may be recycled and used again. Our skips have enough space or room for your recycling requirements and of course if need be we’re able to offer an enclosed skip to guard your valuables. We won’t mind offering you all the time you need to recycle.

5. Business Orientated Skip Hire

At Portsmouth Skip Hire, we know how vital it is to help keep work going. This is the reason our company offers swift services designed to make sure your time is not squandered. Business Oriented clients get the benefit of acquiring another skip shipped to them even though the first is being emptied. This makes certain there’s no downtime between transport. With many years of experience with providing skips too many clients in Portsmouth, we realise what individuals want just by listening to them.

Our service providers are professional, well-mannered and dedicated in the work they do. We surpass what is desired of us, to ensure customers are happy and satisfied. Using the many sizes and types of skips, almost every need related to waste matter removal is satisfied without fail. We’ve very affordable prices and you will find no hidden expenses beyond the advised price.

We always have the Budget Skip Hire availability in Portsmouth when you need it! 

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Budget Price Skip Hire Portsmouth

4 Yard Skip only £229 Inclusive

6 Yard Skip only £289 Inclusive

8 Yard Skip only £365 Inclusive

12 Yard Skip only £495 Inclusive

Prices are total prices including delivery and collection to any Portsmouth Postcode

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Order Online - Save 5%

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